The Greenon Athletic Hall of Fame Charter was approved in December 2011.    A committee, originally chaired by Greenon Principal Rick Newsock and now chaired by Greenon Principal Tim Hale, was formed to select nominees for the Greenon Athletic Hall of Fame.  The inaugural class of Athletes were inducted in February 2012 and there-after new members are selected on an annual basis.   On this webpage you will find nomination forms and criteria. 


The Committee meets year round and is always accepting nominations from the public.  Nominations are evaluated on a yearly basis and selections made by the committee in NLT January of each year.   Nomination forms for each candidate must be completed and returned to Tim Hale (email .  Nomination forms and the nomination criteria can be downloaded from this page.   Generally speaking, nominees are individuals who graduated from either Enon or Greenon High School that were either accomplished athletes or provided unique support to the athletic programs. (See the Nomination Charter for complete details).  All nominations will be reviewed and if individuals are not selected for that particular year, nomination forms will remain on file for review in subsequent years.


The Committee selected two (2) teams and eight (8) individuals in the 2012 inaugural class.  Each subsequent year the committee determines how many teams/individuals are voted into the Greenon Athletic Hall of Fame.   The induction ceremony is a two- fold process:

(1)    Hall of Fame Selectees are honored/introduced at a predetermined boys basketball game in between the JV and Varsity games.

(2)    The following day there is a recognition ceremony at the Greenon Cafeteria where inductee’s will be recognized and allowed to speak to the audience. 


Nominations are accepted Year Round.  If you think an individual merits consideration for the Greenon Athletic Hall of Fame – then a nomination form should be sent to Mr Tim Hale at  .  All nominations received will be reviewed by the committee.