Ages: 11, 12 (Cannot be born before 1/1/97) Pitching Distance: 35 ft.

Base Distance: 60 ft. Ball Type: Yellow 11 Softball

Game Length: 6 innings Run Rule: 15 runs after 4 innings


League rules are the same as Modified Fast Pitch Softball per the Ohio Federated Softball Association (restrictions relating to batting and pitching are waived), including and/or except as follows:



1.                  Players will be called out and ejected from the game for intentional roughness.


2.                  Players are not permitted to wear steel spikes.


3.                  All players should have numbers on their uniforms.


4.                  All batters and base runners must wear full protective helmets and catchers must wear protective equipment including helmets, and throat protectors.


5.                  Pitchers may not pitch more than three (3) innings per game. A pitcher may re-enter at the pitching position one (1) time and one (1) pitch constitutes an inning.


6.                  Base runners cannot lead off until the ball crosses home plate. If a base runner is observed by an umpire leaving a base too soon, that runner is out NO WARININGS; NO EXCEPTIONS.


7.                  A defensive team will consist of ten (10) players with four (4) outfielders playing at equal depths. All defensive players must play at normal depth and position.


8. No new inning may start 2 hours after the 1st ball is pitched.


In accordance with the Ohio Federated rules:


9.      Infield fly rule is in effect.


10.  If 1st base is not occupied at the time of the pitch, a batter may advance to

1st base on a dropped 3rd strike.


11. Runners may steal home at there own risk.