Regular rules of league apply unless otherwise specified below:


Rule 2: The Playing Field


A fifteen (15) foot arc swung from the back point of home plate to each right and left foul line shall be drawn at each game. The ball hit off the tee must pass this line in order to be ruled in play.


Rule 3: Equipment


Only a batting “Tee” provided by the League is considered official and will be used in all games.

Use normal 11’’ balls



Rule 4: Players and Substitution


a.       Open substitution is permitted, however, each girl present at the start of the game must play at least three (3) innings of defense. Players arriving after the 2nd inning has started are excluded from this rule. If there are less than 10 girls per team all girls present will play defense.

b.      A manager or coach is allowed in the outfield (where the grass begins) when his/her team is on defense to instruct players. No more than 2 coaches may be on the field at one time. These coaches are not permitted to touch the ball or assist a player while the ball is in play.


Rule 5: The Game


The game shall consist of five (5) innings and no new inning shall begin after 1 hour from the start of the game. No matter how many innings are completed the game is considered complete.

a.       The ball is in “play” after the following sequence of events has occurred:

-The defensive players are in their positions

-The pitcher must begin on the pitcher’s rubber

-The “umpire” places the ball on top of the tee

-A ball is hit off the tee and passes the arc drawn in front of the plate.


Defensive players may throw a runner out at any base, or run and touch the base prior to the runner reaching it to get her out. If there is not a force out the player must tag the runner. If a batter or base runner is out she must return to the dugout. Time out should be called at the end of each play.



b.      If the ball is overthrown at first base the runner should not advance. (This is to encourage girls to throw the ball to first base instead of just calling time out.)


c.       Anytime a defensive player has control of the ball in the dirt area, time out may be called. If runners are past the half way point to the next base, they may continue to that base, and may not be tagged out after time out has been called. If the runner is less than half way to the next base when time out is called, she must go back to the previous base.


d.      Players MAY receive a MAXIMUM of 3 pitches at bat from her coach. The coach will pitch to only the girls he/she feels is “ready” at the discretion of the coach. If the player is unable to hit a fair ball from these 3 pitches then she will hit off of the tee. When this happens during the season is to be discussed by all T-ball coaches to have consistency among the division.


e.       Every girl present at the game will be included in the batting order. Each offensive team will bat once through the batting order regardless of outs. The offensive team will notify the defensive team when the last batter is at the plate. At that time the last batter and any runners on base may proceed to run completely around the bases back into home before switching to defense.


Rule10: Umpires

Umpires will be volunteers. (Typically no umpire will be provided and the coaches will serve as umpires)