Clark County Baseball / Softball Association

Draft Procedures




Tee ball (co-ed – must be enrolled in kindergarten) 5, 6 years old

Instructional boys and girls 7, 8 years old

Pre-Peanut boys and Primary girls 9, 10 years old

Peanut boys and Pre-Teen girls 11, 12 years old

Midget boys and Senior girls 13–15 years old


Playing age for girls is January 1st of that playing year.





  1. A manager shall be selected for each team, in each age bracket, by the officials of each independent Association. The past practices of each Association shall govern this selection procedure.


  1. Each manager shall be permitted to select one (1) assistant coach prior to the draft, and that assistant coach’s child will be assigned to that said managers team.


  1. If a manager elects to choose a different assistant coach the following year, the previous years assistant coach’s child shall be removed from that team and placed back into the open draft, unless exception is granted by Enon Girls Softball Officers)




  1. Managers may keep only their child and their assistant coach’s child. (follow other procedures below)
  2. Brothers and /or sisters are assigned to the same team unless otherwise requested by their parents. This will be counted as two (2) draft picks (consecutive rounds)


  1. All new registrants will be placed in the open draft. They will not be placed on specific teams at the parent’s request.
  2. All players who move up in to a new age division must be entered into the open draft
  3. All players who remain in the same age division will be assigned to their former team and a manager will be selected for that team as stated above
  4. If a player wishes to play for a different team, the players and his/her parents must appear before the officers of their Association prior to the draft with a valid reason in writing which may or may not be selected by the officers, and /or they may sit out the entire season.
  5. The selection order shall be determined by a coin toss or a number draw. If an expansion team is present, the expansion team picks first.
  6. Once the selection order is set, each manager will make their selections in the following manner:
    1. Each manager receives a first round draft pick
    2. The team with the lowest amount of players selects until that team has an equal number of players as the next lowest.
    3. Lowest equalized teams select using the selection order until they are equal with the next team.
    4. Selection continues in the same manner until all available players have been drafted.
  7. All managers are to contact their players within one week of the time of the draft





  1. A late sign-up (anyone signing up after the draft has been completed), will be accepted on with the approval of the officers of that Association. (after official registration dates waiting list is maintained in fast-pitch if teams are “full” as stated in #2)


  1. Late sign-ups may be refused when any age bracket is considered to have full teams and the addition of more players would over burden the manager and their players as voted by the officers of the Association.

Clarification: Define “over burden”

Any fast-pitch players that sign up on-time (that is on or before the last day of official registration) will be guaranteed a spot. After that, late registration will not be accepted once Fast-pitch rosters are at 13, unless exception is granted by the officers where input from the coaches of the divisions will be considered.

  1. Late sign-ups that are accepted will be assigned to teams using the following procedures:
    1. Returning players will not be guaranteed their original team, and will be placed using the same procedures
    2. All late sign-ups are to be held until that end of a prescribed late period. Late sign-ups are not assigned to teams as received.
    3. Late sign-ups can not begin practice with any team until assigned by the officers of the Association
    4. Players are assigned using a blind draw. All sign-up papers are placed face down and using the same draft rotation, managers shall select one player at a time until all players have been selected.
    5. Any age bracket with only one late sign-up will have that player assigned to a team as voted by the officers of the Association to create a fair and competitive environment for all players





When managers and assistant managers accept the responsibility of working with children, they are expected to be accountable for their actions. If upon the recommendation of the officers of a manager’s home association, the officers of the Clark County Baseball / Softball Association may remove a manager from their duties if said manager is found to be in constant violation of the following guidelines. In the event this should happen, the assistant manager would take over the managerial duties of the said team for the remainder of the season.

A.      Unsportsmanlike conduct

B.       Profane language

C.       Umpire harassment

D.      Smoking or chewing of tobacco products during the practice or game

E.       Possession of alcoholic beverages on the premises

F.       Performing duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol

G.       Not making an effort to instruct the fundamentals of the game