A non-profit entity, Enon Girls Softball League (EGSL), has been formed in which all profits generated from the organization will remain in the organization to continue meeting the purpose of the organization. The purpose(s) for which the League has been formed are:


(1)   To form a body of representative citizens of the vicinity of Enon, Ohio to promote girls softball among the eligible youth of the school district.

(2)   Provide means and facilities for the promotion of physical, mental, and moral improvement among the youth, through competitive softball, according to the rules of softball.

(3)   Promote the development of better citizens and the meaning and benefits of being a good citizen and practicing good citizenship among the youth. Further, to encourage the development among the youth of the necessity for honesty and fair play in all their dealings both on and off the softball field both now and in their future life; to encourage and help develop the need and necessity for good character and respect for law and order and a higher regard for those who have to interpret the rules and laws and make decisions thereon.

(4)   Purchase or otherwise acquire, lease as lessee, lease as lessor, invest in, hold, use, exchange, transfer and dispose of property of any description or any interest therein, necessary for carrying out the purposes of the Enon Girls Softball League.

(5)   Do all things permitted by law and exercise all authority within the purposes in these articles or incidental thereto.




The election of officers will be held annually in the fall for the upcoming season. The recommended month is October. Any adult in the community is eligible to run for an office as well as vote. The officers are elected by a majority vote. All officers involved in the organization are volunteers and the organization will not have any paid employees and will not contract with independent contractors to perform any functions within the organization. The term of officers is one term, in which, they may be reelected by the organization. There is no current term limit of an officer.




In the event of dissolution of Enon Girls Softball League they will donate all remaining assets to the Greenon Local School District for the exempt purpose of providing educational benefit to the community of Enon, Ohio.




No officer of the organization will receive compensation and all duties performed by officers will be on a volunteer basis. All business deals must be approved by a 2/3 vote of all officers on the current board. No individual officer will be permitted to solicit business for personal use in the name of the Enon Girls Softball League.




The organization will seek team and league sponsors to help pay for the maintenance of the fields, uniforms, umpires, equipment, etc. The team and league sponsors will pay a fee, currently set at $125, in which will entitle them to publicity by having their company name on the uniform shirts and a sign board at the fields. These team sponsors are contacting by letter, phone, or in person by a league officer to ask for their donation to help the girls of the Enon Girls Softball League.


We currently will not have additional fundraising activities. In the event that the organization feels a fundraiser is needed to keep the membership costs low for the girls, such activities may include selling candy bars or a raffle. If any activity is needed, participation by the girls will be voluntary and all profits generated from the organization will remain in the organization to continue meeting the purpose of the organization.





A. The Enon Girls softball League is divided into three divisions: T-Ball, Coach-pitch, & fast-pitch. The league may sponsor a Senior Division, Women’s Division, and a Coed Division if it so elects.


B. Girls who reside or attend school in the Greenon Local School District on or after registration or have played in the league in previous years and are 5 years old by January 1st are eligible to play in the league. (currently any girl living outside the district who does not attend Greenon Local School District must receive special approval by the league officers to play. Note: Teams playing in the fast-pitch county league will not be able to accept such girls.)

C. Age breakdown per division is as follows:


T-Ball division.........................................................5&6 year olds

Coach-pitch division................................................7&8 year olds

Fast-pitch: Fast-pitch teams currently play in the county rec league. They travel to play area teams. In the event there are more than 4 teams per division then they may play in the Enon League only. If there are less than 4 teams per divisions then they will play in the County League; in which approximately half of their games are home and the other half are throughout the county. (4 teams is questionable if teams remain in Enon exclusively or County league.)

Primary girls division...............................................9&10 year olds

Pre-teen girls division................................................11&12 year olds

Senior girls division....................................................13,14, &15 year olds

Any administrative or procedural rules not covered specifically by the County League rules will be handled in accordance with Enon Girls Softball rules.


**Jan. 1st of that calendar year is the date used to determine the ages for the movement of players between these divisions, meaning girls must be the playing age on or before Jan. 1st. (This is the date used in the county- rec league, area teams, and all ASA sanctioned teams and tournaments.)


Any girl requesting to move up a division one year early is DISCOURAGED and may only do so upon completion of an application at the time of sign-ups AND with the approval of the league officers, divisional vice-president, and previous coach. Such approval will be on an individual basis based upon skill level, number of girls in each division, etc. Parents will be notified of this decision prior to the draft. (This is a recreational league and it is believed that it is important for players to stay with their peers.) Every attempt will be made to make this a fair, objective decision; however, decisions have to be made for the best of the league, as well as the girl.




A. The Saturdays in January are recommended for the annual registration. Dates, times, and the place of registration will be widely publicized (flyers, announcements in the schools, Enon Messenger, and/or local newspapers.)


B. Registration forms will be available on days of registration. Registration forms MUST be signed by parent or guardian and fees paid at time of registration. Any new girl must present a birth certificate or proof of age on the day of registration.


C. Registration fees are to be set by a League membership vote each year. Hardship cases will be handled by Officers of the League.

D. Registration fees are not refundable. Late sign-ups will be placed by a committee consisting of the League President, Vice-President, Draft Chairman, and the affected Division Vice-President. The President decides tie votes. Late sign-ups are girls who register after the scheduled days of registration. It will be the responsibility of the managers to inform the Draft committee of roster vacancies.


E. Women’s and Coed Division TEAM registration fees will be announced at league registration and shall be commensurate but not more than area leagues. A reduced incentive fee may be offered for teams to sign-up during league registration.



A. Each division team must meet the following requirements unless otherwise

approved by the Draft Committee (committee is defined above):

**currently no requirements of number of girls per age.

B. These requirements must be met unless it becomes impossible to do so due to the

number of openings on a particular team


IV. THE DRAFT: Adopted County Softball Association Drafting Rules on Dec. 2009

Clark County Baseball / Softball Association

Draft Procedures




Tee ball (co-ed – must be enrolled in kindergarten) 5, 6 years old

Instructional boys and girls 7, 8 years old

Pre-Peanut boys and Primary girls 9, 10 years old

Peanut boys and Pre-Teen girls 11, 12 years old

Midget boys and Senior girls 13–15 years old


Playing age for girls is January 1st of that playing year.





  1. A manager shall be selected for each team, in each age bracket, by the officials of each independent Association. The past practices of each Association shall govern this selection procedure.


  1. Each manager shall be permitted to select one (1) assistant coach prior to the draft, and that assistant coach’s child will be assigned to that said managers team.


  1. If a manager elects to choose a different assistant coach the following year, the previous years assistant coach’s child shall be removed from that team and placed back into the open draft, unless exception is granted by Enon Girls Softball Officers)




  1. Managers may keep only their child and their assistant coach’s child. (follow other procedures below)
  2. Brothers and /or sisters are assigned to the same team unless otherwise requested by their parents. This will be counted as two (2) draft picks (consecutive rounds)


  1. All new registrants will be placed in the open draft. They will not be placed on specific teams at the parent’s request.
  2. All players who move up in to a new age division must be entered into the open draft
  3. All players who remain in the same age division will be assigned to their former team and a manager will be selected for that team as stated above
  4. If a player wishes to play for a different team, the players and his/her parents must appear before the officers of their Association prior to the draft with a valid reason in writing which may or may not be selected by the officers, and /or they may sit out the entire season.
  5. The selection order shall be determined by a coin toss or a number draw. If an expansion team is present, the expansion team picks first.
  6. Once the selection order is set, each manager will make their selections in the following manner:
    1. Each manager receives a first round draft pick
    2. The team with the lowest amount of players selects until that team has an equal number of players as the next lowest.
    3. Lowest equalized teams select using the selection order until they are equal with the next team.
    4. Selection continues in the same manner until all available players have been drafted.
  7. All managers are to contact their players within one week of the time of the draft





  1. A late sign-up (anyone signing up after the draft has been completed), will be accepted on with the approval of the officers of that Association. (after official registration dates waiting list is maintained in fast-pitch if teams are “full” as stated in #2)


  1. Late sign-ups may be refused when any age bracket is considered to have full teams and the addition of more players would over burden the manager and their players as voted by the officers of the Association.

Clarification: Define “over burden”

Any fast-pitch players that sign up on-time (that is on or before the last day of official registration) will be guaranteed a spot. After that, late registration will not be accepted once Fast-pitch rosters are at 13, unless exception is granted by the officers where input from the coaches of the divisions will be considered.

  1. Late sign-ups that are accepted will be assigned to teams using the following procedures:
    1. Returning players will not be guaranteed their original team, and will be placed using the same procedures
    2. All late sign-ups are to be held until that end of a prescribed late period. Late sign-ups are not assigned to teams as received.
    3. Late sign-ups can not begin practice with any team until assigned by the officers of the Association
    4. Players are assigned using a blind draw. All sign-up papers are placed face down and using the same draft rotation, managers shall select one player at a time until all players have been selected.
    5. Any age bracket with only one late sign-up will have that player assigned to a team as voted by the officers of the Association to create a fair and competitive environment for all players





When managers and assistant managers accept the responsibility of working with children, they are expected to be accountable for their actions. If upon the recommendation of the officers of a manager’s home association, the officers of the Clark County Baseball / Softball Association may remove a manager from their duties if said manager is found to be in constant violation of the following guidelines. In the event this should happen, the assistant manager would take over the managerial duties of the said team for the remainder of the season.

A.      Unsportsmanlike conduct

B.       Profane language

C.       Umpire harassment

D.      Smoking or chewing of tobacco products during the practice or game

E.       Possession of alcoholic beverages on the premises

F.       Performing duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol

G.       Not making an effort to instruct the fundamentals of the game







V. INSURANCE: There will be a liability insurance policy for the League and a policy covering the concession booth and its contents.


VI. SCHEDULE: League play will begin with the first officially scheduled game. The Schedule Committee will draw up and publish the schedule prior to the beginning of the season (including a rain out makeup schedule for each diamond.)



A. Fast-pitch teams are to follow the playing rules designated by the league they are participating in. Currently it is the National Federated High School Softball rules, with some modifications at certain age levels. All conduct, drafting procedures, etc. are in accordance with Enon Girls Softball

League. (Cut off for age groups are also in accordance with the fast-pitch leagues

players are participating in.) See attached current count fast-pitch information.



B. As amended and excepted to the National Federated High School Rules as indicated.



A. All girls in the T-Ball and Coach-Pitch divisions will receive participation trophies,

since these are instructional leagues. Championship and Runner-up trophies for the

Fast-pitch divisions will be awarded to the players on the 1st and 2nd place teams in a division

consisting of at least four (4) teams. Otherwise, only first place trophies will be awarded. A player

must report for a minimum of half of the scheduled games for which they are eligible to receive

a trophy; unless otherwise approved by the league officers


B. If a tie exists between teams eligible for trophies, first and/or second place will be

determined by the “head to head” record of the teams. If a tie still exists then the place

will be determined by a play-off game between these teams which will determine the

final division standings. The league president and divisional vice-president will

schedule the date for the game.


C.     Divisional Vice-Presidents will keep record of the divisional standings.


D. In divisions where 1st and 2nd place trophies are awarded, all players not receiving a placed trophy will receive a participation award to be determined each year by the elected officers. Participation awards could include, but are not limited to: certificate, medal, ribbon, etc.




A. The League Rules Committee (President, Vice-President, division Vice-Presidents,

and the Rules Chairman/or a committee designated by the League will draft new rules or

changes for approval by the League.


B. Proposed new rules and/or changes shall be proposed at the regular monthly meeting

and voted on at the next scheduled meeting.


C. Exception: Should a situation arise deemed an emergency it may be voted on

immediately by the League Rules Committee.




A. Only the manager or designated manager may question an umpire’s decision.


B. The manager shall be responsible for his/her players conduct immediately before,

during, and immediately following the game and practices.


C. A manager or designated manager may NOT cross the foul line onto the field of play,

unless time is out and permission is granted by the umpire. (Exception: personal injury)


D. There will be assigned benches, clearly marked, for HOME and VISITING teams.

Only the team members in uniforms, the bat girl/boy, official coaches, the manager, and

the scorekeeper shall be allowed in the bench areas. All others must stay at least 15 feet

from the players bench.




A. An Intra-divisional All-Star game will be played at the end of the season. The

All-Stars are girls from each team in their respective divisions. (pending the number of teams in each division.)


B. The managers of the teams in all divisions will each submit names of girls to play in

the All-Star game; the number being determined by the July 4th committee chairman,

divisional vice-presidents, and the league president.


C. All-Stars should be chosen on the basis of ability, sportsmanship, and cooperation as

a team player.


D. The managers of the division leading and runner-up teams in each division will

manage the All-Star teams in their respective division.


E. Team selection shall be accomplished by the managers on a player-by-player basis

based upon the girls ability. Team equality being paramount.




A. One select team from each division shall be formed to participate in the Enon Girls

Softball League Invitational Tournament and other area tournaments, if desired. Manager

and player selection shall be as follows: **this was set up with slow-pitch, currently fast-pitch may do a tryout instead.


1. After the fourth regularly scheduled game of the season, each manager in a

given division will submit a list of 15 players he/she feels should be on a

tournament/traveling team for that division. The list will be ordered with the best

player first and then in decreasing order of perceived ability. Players will be

awarded points: 15 for first, 14 for second, 13 for third,.... and 1 for last. The

League President will collect and tabulate the ballots. The twelve (12) players

receiving the most points will be placed on the select team. In the event of a tie

for the last position or positions, the oldest girl shall be selected.



2. The manager of the team will be the manager of the team in first place per

division at the time of selection. If he/she is unable or chooses to not coach the

team then it will be offered to the second place team, etc,. In the event of a tie for

first place it will be based on the “head-to-head” record of the teams. If there

still exists a tie it will be determined by run differential. If yet a tie still exists it

will be determined by the flip of a coin. (Old by-laws said the 12 players that made the team would vote on the head coach from the head coaches in that division.)


3. After a manager has been selected, he/she may choose his/her coach or coaches

and the remainder of his/her roster up to the amount allowed in any tournament.

If at any time a member of the original 12 players is lost to the team either by

injury or she quits, the manager shall determine a suitable replacement.


B. Tournament fees for all Enon Girls Softball teams shall be waived for the Enon Girls

Softball Invitational Tournament. The League will sponsor tournament fees for the

select teams for area tournaments, provided the funds are available.



A. All managers shall be given priority to return to their respective teams as determined

by the elected officers and divisional vice-president.


B. In the event a managerial vacancy exists (head coach), priority for a replacement manager will be as


1. Assistant coach on that team.

2. Coaches or assistant coaches within that Division

3. Managers from another division.

4. Assistant coach from another division

4. Any other interested individual



C. All managerial changes shall be approved by a majority vote of League Officers and the affected

divisional vice-president.


D. Managers shall recruit only ONE assistant coach prior to the draft; however, if the assistant coach’s

daughter is not currently assigned to that team he/she will sacrifice his/her 2nd round draft pick as stated

in the draft rules. After the teams have been assigned through the league draft, a manager may recruit

additional parental help.


E. Managers and coaches are permitted to manage or coach in an official capacity in only one (1)

Division. (Exception #1 Women’s, Coed,); (Exception #2 or by approval of the League

Rules Committee)





1: Playing fields and fences as presently constructed are legal.


2: The pitching distance will be 35 feet for T-Ball and Coach-pitch, 35 feet for u10 and u12, 40 feet for u15. Baselines will be 50 feet for T-Ball and Coach-pitch, 60 feet for all fast-pitch divisions.

3: The fields will be marked, as a minimum, with both baselines and batters boxes. Other field markings are optional.




1: Any bat marked “Official Softball,” “Official Playground” and a one piece grip and knob combination is legal.


2: Softballs furnished by the League are approved equipment.


3: Multi-color gloves are acceptable for all players.”


4: Girls will wear acceptable tennis shoes or rubber cleats for the protection and safety of the player. Metal spikes are illegal.


5: Catchers mask and body protectors must be worn in all divisions except in the Women’s and Coed Divisions where they are optional.


6: Uniforms will be shirts (and possibly additional items such as sun visors, socks, etc.) provided by the League. All girls MUST wear the uniform shirt to ALL games. (The sponsors pay for their names to be on the back of these shirts. Also, it helps to identify players.) Girls are STRONGLY encouraged to wear any additional uniform items provided.


7: The wearing of jewelry is not allowed.

8: Batting helmets with face masks MUST be worn by all players of the Enon Girls Softball League


RULE 4: PLAYERS AND SUBSTITUTION (These are set up for slow-pitch)


SEC 4: Any player may be withdrawn and re-enter the game at any time except for amended exception in 6d(1).


SEC 5: A team must have seven (7) players to start a game. If neither team has the minimum of 7 girls at game time, it will be double forfeit, recorded as a loss for each team. If one team can field 7 girls and the other cannot, the team with the required number of girls wins by forfeit. A team that has started the game with at least 7 girls and loses a girl because of injury, illness or ejection will then forfeit the game. (Coach- pitch and T-Ball minimum players may vary from this rule. See appropriate rules for those divisions


SEC 6A: The manager of the team making a substitution must notify the plate umpire and the official scorekeeper before the girl enters the game. The manager will also notify the opposing scorekeeper of any substitution changes.


SEC 6d: A player may be substituted any time the ball is dead. A substitute will bat in the replaced player’s position in the batting order but may be used in any defensive position. A pitcher may return as a pitcher any number of times except for amended exception in 6d(1).


A player may re-enter the game once, provided:

1. Her position in the batting order corresponds to that of the player she replaces and she does not appear at bat sooner than she would have if she had not been replaced. A substitute cannot be removed from the game until she has played at least one full inning, unless the substitute is injured, ill, or is ejected.



SEC 6g: (added subsection): Each girl must play at least two consecutive innings (6 outs on offense and 6 outs on defense) unless she arrives after 5 innings have been completed or the game is terminated in less than seven innings. In the event of injury, or circumstances beyond the manager’s control prohibit this, the consecutive requirements may be waived by mutual consent of opposing managers.



1. Regular season some games are played at Enon Elementary and away games are played at various fields in the county. In past seasons, games have been played at Reid, Possum, Rockway, South Vienna, Emmanual Christian, and Donnelsville. The county also has a single elimination post season tournament.


SEC 1: The first team named on the schedule is HOME team. The second is visitor and is first at bat. (i.e., it is the home team’s responsibility to line the fields, put out bases, get the game ball, etc.)


SEC 2: The fitness of the general conditions (i.e. field/extreme weather conditions) prior to initiating play will be decided by the League President, Vice-President, Division Vice-President or field maintenance chairman, in that order depending on availability of said individuals. After play starts, the Umpire shall decide upon the safety and fitness of playing conditions in order to continue play.










SEC 2: The pitchers “plate” need not be 24 inches in width for T-Ball and Coach- pitch,




SEC 2a: The team’s batting order must be delivered by the manager or coach to the official scorekeeper before the game begins. The Official Scorekeeper will be the HOME team’s scorekeeper unless otherwise specified by the League.

SEC 2b: Change “the batting order to the Umpire, etc.” to read: “the batting order delivered to the Official Scorekeeper, etc.”


SEC 11e: The infield fly rule does not apply in the T-Ball, Coach -pitch

SEC 11k: An uncaught foul ball hit after two strikes will NOT result in a third strike




SEC 1c: Volunteer Umpires are not required to wear uniforms.


RULE 11: PROTESTS (slow-pitch) (fast-pitch following county procedures)


All play protests related to the game MUST be submitted in writing within 72 hours to the League Rules Committee. Protests will be enacted upon by the League Rules Committee consisting of the Rules Chairman, League President, Vice-President, and Division Vice Presidents (or alternates). Protests related to scorekeeping that can not be resolved on the field, may be brought before the Rules Committee by affected managers and scorekeepers for review.




The HOME team is the Official Scorekeeper and responsible for the Scoreboard unless otherwise designated by the League in Tournament play. Deviations to maintain detailed boxscores are authorized. The minimum requirements are:

1. Players name and position.

2. Order of batting

3. Runs scored each inning

4. Outs each inning

5. Umpires signature on the HOME team scorebook.



The ASA Rules as amended by the Tournament Director shall apply to all Enon Girls Softball Invitational Tournament games.


RULE 14: CURFEW RULE(slow-pitch)


a)      T-ball: no new inning shall start after 1 hour. (attempt to get at least 4 innings in)

b)      Coach-pitch: no new inning shall start after 1 ½ hours.

c)      Fast-pitch: no new inning shall start after 2 hours.





See Appendix A. (Currently Appendix A is nowhere to be found. If the league chooses to have a women’s division again these rules will need to be updated.)



See Appendix B


See Appendix C



See Appendix D

















Regular rules of league apply unless otherwise specified below:


Rule 2: The Playing Field


A fifteen (15) foot arc swung from the back point of home plate to each right and left foul line shall be drawn at each game. The ball hit off the tee must pass this line in order to be ruled in play.


Rule 3: Equipment


Only a batting “Tee” provided by the League is considered official and will be used in all games.

Use normal 11’’ balls



Rule 4: Players and Substitution


a.       Open substitution is permitted, however, each girl present at the start of the game must play at least three (3) innings of defense. Players arriving after the 2nd inning has started are excluded from this rule. If there are less than 10 girls per team all girls present will play defense.

b.      A manager or coach is allowed in the outfield (where the grass begins) when his/her team is on defense to instruct players. No more than 2 coaches may be on the field at one time. These coaches are not permitted to touch the ball or assist a player while the ball is in play.


Rule 5: The Game


The game shall consist of five (5) innings and no new inning shall begin after 1 hour from the start of the game. No matter how many innings are completed the game is considered complete.

a.       The ball is in “play” after the following sequence of events has occurred:

-The defensive players are in their positions

-The pitcher must begin on the pitcher’s rubber

-The “umpire” places the ball on top of the tee

-A ball is hit off the tee and passes the arc drawn in front of the plate.


Defensive players may throw a runner out at any base, or run and touch the base prior to the runner reaching it to get her out. If there is not a force out the player must tag the runner. If a batter or base runner is out she must return to the dugout. Time out should be called at the end of each play.



b.      If the ball is overthrown at first base the runner should not advance. (This is to encourage girls to throw the ball to first base instead of just calling time out.)


c.       Anytime a defensive player has control of the ball in the dirt area, time out may be called. If runners are past the half way point to the next base, they may continue to that base, and may not be tagged out after time out has been called. If the runner is less than half way to the next base when time out is called, she must go back to the previous base.


d.      Players MAY receive a MAXIMUM of 3 pitches at bat from her coach. The coach will pitch to only the girls he/she feels is “ready” at the discretion of the coach. If the player is unable to hit a fair ball from these 3 pitches then she will hit off of the tee. When this happens during the season is to be discussed by all T-ball coaches to have consistency among the division.


e.       Every girl present at the game will be included in the batting order. Each offensive team will bat once through the batting order regardless of outs. The offensive team will notify the defensive team when the last batter is at the plate. At that time the last batter and any runners on base may proceed to run completely around the bases back into home before switching to defense.


Rule10: Umpires

Umpires will be volunteers. (Typically no umpire will be provided and the coaches will serve as umpires)


























Revision Date: Jan. 12, 2006





Ages: Girls who are 7 and 8 years old as of Jan. 1 of that calendar year.


The playing field will be the same field used for T-ball. The pitchers mound will have a circle surrounding it, in which the pitcher must be positioned. The coach who is pitching to the batters should ensure he/she moves out of the way of the pitcher as soon as the batter hits the ball. The bases will be 50 feet apart. (unless play is necessary on another field.)





Eleven-inch softballs will be used and furnished by the League. Only “Official Softball” bats may be used.


If a catcher is used, she MUST wear a catcher’s mask and chest protector. Each team will be provided with a mask and a chest protector.


Currently, this division uses a manual pitching machine to provide consistency with pitching among the division.




Coach pitch teams do not have to field a catcher. A minimum of six (6) girls must be fielded in order to play the game. **Catcher is STRONGLY recommended.


Each player present at the beginning of the game must play a minimum of two (2) consecutive innings on offense and defense. If there are less than 10 girls per team then all girls present will play defense.


All girls will be in the batting order.




The game shall consist of five (5) innings. No new inning shall begin after 1½ hours from the beginning of the game. The coach shall pitch to every girl. Each player will receive a MAXIMUM of 6 pitches from her coach/machine. (Coaches are encouraged to pitch at a flatter, faster rate to prepare girls for next level—fast-pitch.) If after SIX pitches the batter is unable to hit a fair ball, she will forfeit her turn but no out will be assessed. This will be scored as a Turn at Bat (TAB) in the scorebook. The next batter will come to the plate and play will continue.


If a defensive team is unable to get three (3) outs after the offensive team has hit through the batting order once in any inning, the sides will switch and the defensive team will take their turn at bat. This is an INSTRUCTIONAL league, and the emphasis should be placed on learning the rules of the game, as opposed to winning.


Complete as many innings as possible. Game is considered complete if 5 innings have been complete or the time limit of 1 ½ hours has arrived. No NEW inning may start 1 ½ hours after the official start time.


The infield fly rule does NOT apply.


Umpires will be volunteers, and will only be required to call outs at the bases. No strikes or balls will be assessed. The batter will have six (6) attempts to hit the ball regardless of the pitches she receives.


If there are no umpires then the coaches will serve as umpires. The base coaches will assess outs at the bases.



























1. Any commissioner will have the authority to call a game, excuse a player from a game, or to control any situation that does not meet the guidelines of the county rules, whether it be his/her home community or not.


2. Team rosters are to be submitted to the Clark County Commission President before league play begins, or forfeit all games won until such rosters are received. There can be no additions to these rosters after the sixth (6th) scheduled game. The rosters must contain the name, address, grade, and birth date of each player.


3. Any boy or girl participating in the Clark County league will be allowed to play on only one (1) team within the league.


4. All players must live in or attend school in their respective school districts, unless exception is approved by the County Commissioners.


5. Games are to be played at time and place scheduled, unless both teams previously agree to another time and place.


6. Starting time of game due to inclimate weather will be not more than a 30 minutes delay from the regular scheduled time.


7. When games are postponed because of inclimate weather, it is the responsibility of the home team to notify the opposing team and arrange for rescheduling of the game. If necessary, the visiting team coach must contact his commissioner to assist in rescheduling the game. If, a commissioner is not contacted, all unplayed games will be considered double forfeits.


8. It is possible to be the home team at a visiting field. Home community is to furnish the umpire for all league games. ALL UMPIRES MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE 9TH GRADE.


9. The home community team is to describe ground rules to the umpire before the game. Game and ground rules will be discussed with both team managers before starting play.


10. No coach or manager shall direct any remark to, or call an opposing player by name while said opposing team has the field, for the purpose of distracting a player while the game is in progress.


11. Any ball game called because of darkness or rain, is a complete game if four (4) innings have been played or if the home team is ahead after 3 ½ innings. All games that must be replayed will be restarted from the point of interruption. If a game is called and the score is tied at the end of the full inning, it shall be deemed a tie game and noted as such. Tie games are to be replayed at the end of the season only if it affects league standings.


12. Any team protesting a game must notify the home plate umpire that the game is being played under protest before the next half inning starts. After completion of the ball game and having been reviewed by the protesting teams commissioners, the protest must be submitted in writing to the county commissioner representing that division within forty-eight (48) hours; accompanied by twenty-five dollars ($25.00). The league commission will rule on the protest and their decision will be final. If the protest is upheld, the protesting team will be refunded their $25.00.


13. Any MANAGER, COACH, TEAM OFFICIAL, or PARENT creating a disturbance, using profane or insulting language, or any other unsportsman like conduct during warm-up, game, or immediately after game will be suspended from any further participation in any capacity for the year involved, subject to verification and review by the county commission. Any suspended person ignoring such suspensions shall cause his team to forfeit any and all games in which such person takes part in any capacity.


14. All teams must field nine (9) players at the beginning of each game if the players are present; however, a team may start with only eight (8) players without the game being declared a forfeit. If after the game has started and all members of the team present have played, a team may continue to play with less than eight players, with an out for the eighth player.


15. In games in which teams have ten (10) players, teams can start a game with only eight (8) players if there are not other players present, without the game being called a forfeit as long as one team can field eight (8) players. If neither team can field eight (8) players, it is a double forfeit.


16. FREE SUBSTITUTION: Any starter may be re-entered one time in the game after his substitute has batted one time and played ½ inning of defense, or played two innings of defense. Players do not have to re-enter at the same position or batting order. A pitcher can re-enter at the pitching position only one time, and one pitch constitutes an inning. (excluding Senior Girls). There is no designated hitter rule.


17. In the event of a tie in league standings, the first way to resolve the tie is by their head to head standings. If that is a split, there will be a tie breaker game played, that will be scheduled by the commissioners. In most cases the game will be played within twenty-four (24) hours.


18. MANDATORY PLAYING TIME: All players will play at least 2 innings on defense or 1 time at bat in regulation play unless disciplinary action has been taken by a coach and notification has been given to the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.


(NOTE: A registration fee for each team playing in the County Association Leagues must be received by the county commission treasurer before the start of the season.)












Ages: 13, 14, 15 (Cannot be born before 1/1/xx) Pitching Distance: 40 ft.

Base Distance: 60 ft. Ball Type: Yellow 12” softball

Game Length: 7 innings Run Rule: 10 runs after 5 innings


League rules are the same as the National Federated High School Softball rules (restrictions relating to bat weight and length are waived), including and/or except as follows:


1. Players will be called out and ejected from the game for intentional roughness.


2. Players are not permitted to wear steel spikes.


3. All players should have numbers on their uniforms.


4. All batters and base runners must wear full protective helmets and catchers must wear protective equipment including helmets, and throat protectors.


5. Pitchers may not pitch more than 12 outs in any game. (Except in extra inning games). Her replacement, or any other pitcher, must complete (3) outs before the original/starting pitcher can return.


6. 4 outfielders may be used and they must all play at equal depth in the field.


7. No new inning may start 2 hours after the 1st ball is pitched.


























Ages: 11, 12 (Cannot be born before 1/1/xx) Pitching Distance: 35 ft.

Base Distance: 60 ft. Ball Type: RIF Level 10 softball

Game Length: 6 innings Run Rule: 15 runs after 4 innings


League rules are the same as Modified Fast Pitch Softball per the Ohio Federated Softball Association (restrictions relating to bat weight and length are waived), including and/or except as follows:


1. Players will be called out and ejected from the game for intentional roughness.


2. Players are not permitted to wear steel spikes.


3. All players should have numbers on their uniforms.


4. All batters and base runners must wear full protective helmets and catchers must wear protective equipment including helmets, and throat protectors.


5. Pitchers may not pitch more than three (3) innings per game. A pitcher may re-enter at the pitching position one (1) time and one (1) pitch constitutes an inning.

6. Base runners cannot lead off until the ball crosses home plate. If a base runner is observed by an umpire leaving a base too soon, that runner is out – NO WARNINGS, NO EXCEPTIONS.


7. A defensive team will consist of ten (10) players with four (4) outfielders playing at equal depths. All defensive players must play at normal depth and position.


8. No new inning may start 2 hours after the 1st ball is pitched.


9. Infield fly rule is in effect.


10. If 1st base in not occupied at the time of the pitch, a batter may advance to 1st base on a dropped 3rd strike.


11. Runners may steal home at their own risk.












Ages: 9, 10 (Cannot be born before 1/1/xx) Pitching Distance: 35 ft.

Base Distance: 60 ft. Ball Type: RIF Level 10 Softball

Game Length: 6 innings Run Rule: 15 runs after 4 innings, 8

runs max per inning except last inning


League rules are the same as Modified Fast Pitch Softball per the Ohio Federated Softball Association (restrictions relating to bats and pitching are waived), including and/or except as follows:


1.                  Players will be called out and ejected from the game for intentional roughness.


2.                  Players are not permitted to wear steel spikes.


3.                  All players should have numbers on their uniforms.


4.                  All batters and base runners must wear full protective helmets and catchers must wear protective equipment including helmets, and throat protectors.


5.                  Pitchers may not pitch more than three (3) innings per game. A pitcher may re-enter at the pitching position one (1) time and one (1) pitch constitutes an inning.


6.                  Leading off base or stealing is not permitted. Runners will be called out if observed by an umpire leaving the base before the ball is hit.


7.                  Infield fly rule is not in effect.


8.                  A defensive team will consist of ten (10) players and four (4) outfielders playing at equal depths. All defensive players must play at a normal depth and position.


9.                  A batter is automatically out on the third strike and cannot attempt to run to 1st base.


10.              No new inning may start 2 hours after the 1st ball is pitched.



11.              All players present are included in the batting order.


12. No more than 3 batters can be walked in any inning. After 3 walks a batter can

only reach base by hitting the ball or being hit by a pitch.